The Editors

A word about each of the Editors…

Joe Lorenzo


Struggling to come up with anything to do outside of school, Joe hit up with the idea early in 2017 and gathered together a group of very talented individuals to contribute to our website. He has a special interest in international affairs but is ready to write about anything else that may be of significance for our readership.

Olivia Tan

History Editor

Hoping to read History at University, Olivia fell into the tales of history from the comfort of her room, reading any and every story about the eras of tyrannical and benevolent  monarchs; the chronicles of Londoners (as she herself is); the peoples long gone; the glorious fictions which were true in some bygone age. Looking at the world today through a uniquely historical perspective, we can only expect the unexpected parallels of lessons unlearned.

Áine McNamara

Literature & Theatre Editor 

Áine has been referred to as many things throughout her life, but is currently the Literature & Theatre Editor. She is hoping to study either English Literature or a politically-based degree, both of which will no doubt be very useful when she becomes a full-time, out-of-work actor. Despite her affinity for Shakespeare and Bennett, Áine will also be writing political pieces whenever she feels like a rant. This will probably be rather frequent.

Jean Franco

Middle East & Culture Editor

With a strong interest in the Middle East and North Africa, Jean is hoping to study Arabic and International Relations at University. He is fascinated particularly by conflict and all its dynamics and irregularities. He also maintains a keen interest in photography and the visual arts, and the role they play in conflict areas.

Jack Franco

Philosophy Editor

With one eye on what happens on the ground and the other on what causes things, Jack hopes to study English Literature & French at University. Adamant that the modern (wo)man rarely acts out of pure impulse, Jack tries to understand and articulate the ideas that create the crises upon which our society is built.

Samuel Leahy

Arts Editor

Ruminator on all things random. No Lord Jones, but only the catharsis of culture. Interested in covering the aesthetics of art, architecture and music but also tragedy in the news – all within an objective, historical context. Sam is a strong believer in meaningful photojournalism.

Frankie McGovern

Politics Editor

McGovern is an established writer whose capabilities range from Shakespearean linguistics to current political affairs. Keeping up to date with the most significant issues of the day, Frankie gives the team an insider perspective that can not be missed.

George Whear

Soci0-Economic Editor

Whear is a promising young writer who, after experiencing success at GCSEs has focused his efforts on this new exciting project. Studying History, Geography, Maths and Economics, George has a wide expertise and, by keeping up with all the latest trends, is a great ambassador for the team.