A competition essay: Discuss the historical significance of the Umayyad Mosque

Significance can be defined either as the quality of being worthy of attention or the meaning to be found in words or events. And while history has always meant different things for different people, it is fundamentally about drawing lessons for humanity to consider. UNESCO’s criteria for a historically significant building is presented in Appendix […]

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Music and architecture: not so different after all…

Despite intending to study architecture at university, my first article on this website was a music review. However, such is the interdisciplinary nature of architecture that I will attempt to formulate a treatise on the exemplars architects and architecture can draw from music. Music, according to Nietzsche, is the ultimate art form, the primary expression […]

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Mater Et Oratorem

The Fantasy Echo: which side are you?

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Total Eclipse of ‘The S*n’

‘The Truth’ about one of the most popular tabloids in the UK: 52 years of “sex, sport and sensation.”

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The Nicola Sturgeon Political Gameplan

With the election just days away, Nicola Sturgeon’s role in British politics is as important as ever

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French Election: What will the results mean

Find out what the possible outcomes of today’s French election are and what they mean

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The Million-Dollar-Question(s)

“You promised not to call a general election!”
“Hitler promised not to invade Czechoslovakia, Jeremy. Welcome to the real world.”

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